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Monday, February 25, 2008

a half marathon??

Signed up for a half marathon yesterday. Silly, I know. After all the struggles with running over the past year and I sign up for a half marathon? I guess I hope having a running goal will result in the same success as did having a swimming goal. But I am also worried. Might this be the last straw? I have that icky, dreadful feeling in the pit of my stomach.
I haven't consistently run 2-3 days per week for months, and the first week of my training plan calls for 26 miles over 7 days of running! I haven't run 7 days in a row in my life! Even at my most competitive, I've always needed one or two days off. It's probably not a good sign that I will be altering the training plan already in the first week!! Well, I have one week to work up to 26 miles!! HA! There are sixteen weeks until the race.
Despite my fears, the race is a good goal. Although I will wait a bit to see what my exact race goal will be. I know, I'll make a goal to make a goal by the beginning of May. Certainly, I should know by then how my training is going. Hopefully, I will find peace with however it's going.
That, actually, is a good goal...

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