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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What happened to integrity and decency?

This post has nothing to do with depression or running...I AM PISSED!

Whatever happened to human decency? When, where, and why did it go? I know you had none of it when you bashed into my car tonight and apparently drove off without a care! This post is for you.

My parents didn't always do the best job, but I was taught if you damage something that does not belong to you, it's proper to own up to it! Side-swiping my car in the parking lot, the small parking lot of the meeting place you just LEFT, and swiping it so severely that the paint is actually GONE (not just scratched) definitely qualifies as damaging property that does not belong to you!
It boggles my mind that you could drive off after that! Yes, there are other offices which share that parking lot, but they were all clearly closed. Ours were the only illuminated windows in the entire complex! Therefore, it seems very, very likely that you had just walked out the door of the same room we had shared with less than 20 people for 90 minutes! Yet, you thought nothing of driving away? Not even a NOTE? What is wrong with you?!
The spot next to me wasn't even a parking spot! So you squeezed in there and then couldn't find your way out? Now you've taken my paint and my momentary sanity without a second thought? After all, I'll be the one stuck with the, oh I don't know, $500 repair bill! No worries, dude, I've been meaning to eat less anyway.

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