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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Do you refer to yourself as "depressed?"

Simple question. What's your answer?
My answer forthcoming...


BPD in OKC said...

I've referred to myself as depressed for the last 14 years (since I was 12 years old). I was officially diagnosed with clinical depression when I was 16, and I've been struggling with it ever since.

It was a simple question, and I gave you a not-so-simple reply. :D

Michelle (The Beartwinsmom) said...

I say that I deal with depression. If someone asks me how I feel, I say I feel depressed.

Tricky question, Etta... One definitely for the semantic olympics.

Mary said...

I too suffer from depression, severe, it has been under control, but I see the ugliness of it coming back, read my blog..thanks

Shiv said...

Clinically I suffer from severe major depression. Personally I say I can "be depressed", but I do not define myself by the illness (i.e. I do not introduce myself as a depressive).


crackedheadblog said...

Yes I say I'm depressed, especially when I'm especially depressed. "Having depression" or "Being depressed" doesn't make a lot of difference to me. Both terms are woefully inadequate, maybe even inappropriate, to describe what it is I (we) deal with.

Marissa Miller said...

I'm guilty of that. It's easier than constantly telling people I "suffer FROM depression." I supposed I should say "I feel depressed today" rather than "I am depressed today."

etta said...

Hi Marissa-
Nice to "see" you again. Obviously, I am not saying people "should" do this or that, but for me, identifying depression as an illness relieves me of some of the personal garbage/stigma. If it is an illness, then I am not weak and lazy, but the illness may cause "weak and lazy" behavior.
My depression is so much more than feeling depressed, too. As crackedheadblog said, it is a woefully inadequate term. Most of the time, my major "feelings" resulting from my depression are actually frustration, sadness, lonliness, feeling overwhelmed, distracted, anxious, etc... So, for me, even to say I feel depressed often wouldn't be accurate. But that's ME.

Marissa Miller said...

So now I'm confused. Do you think you suffer from clinical depression - medically - or do you feel that you more likely suffer from depression brought on by circumstances and, as a result, those emotions? I hope my question makes sense.

etta said...

Oh my do I ever HAVE depression! I have severe, treatment resistant depression with psychotic features (rarely, thank god!) Check out my post called, "More on I am Not Depressed."
My confusing comment above refers to...
Clinical depression includes more symptoms than just "feeling" depressed or sad. For me, when my depression is at its worst I get easily distracted, confused, overwhelmed, irritable, sometimes tearful sometimes not, anxious, and sometimes paranoid. So I don't refer to myself as depressed for two reasons:
1. Depressed is a feeling. Depression is an illness. And I have an illness called depression.
2. Even when my depression is "acting up" I may not be feeling depressed. In fact, my mood may actually be more anxious and irritable than sad (which is what people typically think of when using the feeling term, depressed).

Does that make more sense?
Thanks for the question. This short little post is one of my most visited posts, so hopefully this discussion will be interesting or helpful to others, too.
Take care!

Marissa Miller said...

Ah. Gotcha. Thanks!

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