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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Punishment Should MATCH the Crime

This horrifying picture is of an apparently obscenely drunk 28-year-old male killing one athlete and injuring 10 others as he drove head-on into a bicycle race just south of the US-Texas border Sunday. The man, who reports he is a US citizen from Brownsville, TX, stated, "I must have fallen asleep."
I have an idea how to punish this man, but I try to maintain a civilized blog, so I'll keep it to myself (for now)...


Marissa said...

OMG. I have no words.

Michelle (The Beartwinsmom) said...

That is just horrifying.

Shiv said...

I'm stunned.
I've been drunk enough to pass out, I've been drunk enough to throw up blood, I've been drunk enough to think it's acceptable to strip to my boxers in the middle of a car park (because I was sick on my clothes). I've never been stupid enough to get into a car while drunk.


Bradley said...

As a drunk. A sober one today, thank God. One thing you learn to do is check the grill of your car in the morning to make sure you didn't do something like this.

I am so grateful and it's only by shear luck that my grill was always clean.

This picture is absolutely terrifying.

etta said...

"This picture is absolutely terrifying."

...yes, it is.