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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thank you

It's been one week since Puck went under the knife. He is doing well. He did tear out four of his staples within the first couple days earning him a return trip to the vet and a super-size lampshade collar. Poor guy can barely lift his head now! But I warned him...
He is finished with his narcotic pain med, and I am grateful for that! I think too little pain is a BAD thing for my too active dog. He is putting about 40-50 percent of his weight on his leg now, but if he gets excited, he does forget that it hurts--not a good thing! One more week of strict rest.
We move to the next phase of rehab the following week. We are lucky in that there is a new equine and canine rehabilitation facility nearby with underwater treadmills and doggy physical therapists. We will check them out when he is cleared to begin rehab. Being a "human's" PT, that should be very interesting for me! I've always wanted to train him to run on my treadmill! It would come in really handy when my depression doesn't allow me out of the house! I'll take pictures!
Speaking of pictures, I am still waiting for the vet clinic to find their digital camera cable. As soon as they do, I will post pictures of Puck's surgery for your perusal! I am so glad I observed. It was really interesting, and I know it helped me stay more calm than sitting in the waiting room would have.
Lastly, I want to thank all of you for your ongoing support. For those of you who donated, a special thanks to you. Someone asked that I update the financial progress, so here goes. Puck's surgery was right around $1,700.00. I do not know yet what the rehabilitation will cost. I received 6 donations totaling 205 dollars. Thank you all, again! This has been an incredibly stressful time, and I appreciate everyone's thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. You're kindness has meant more than I can appropriately express. Thank you.

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Bradley said...

Glad to hear Puck is doing so well. :-)