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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Puck--then and now.

I finally have the pictures of Puck's surgery available for viewing. If you are squeamish, don't look! Although there is really no blood because the vet used a laser for the incisions. I've followed the surgical pics with the pics I took today of Puck walking on the underwater treadmill at the doggy rehab center. He is about six weeks post-op (surgery date 5/29/08) and doing very well. Grandpa and Grandma took especially good care of him while I was away, walking him briefly 3-5 times per day. He is even gaining back some leg muscle finally! We still have a long way to go before he can run with me again, but I'm encouraged by his progress. Thanks again for your support. Hope you find the pictures interesting!

Opening up Puck's knee reveals a smooth, shiny femur. This is a good thing! No visible arthritis.

Hard to see here, but this is what remains of Puck's shredded ACL ligament.

The vet is drilling a hole in the bone below Puck's kneecap. This hole is for one end of the new ACL ligament, which is actually like 80-pound-test fishing line.

A picture of the fishing line as it is being threaded through Puck's knee.

Puck's new, artificial ACL. The metal clips secure the ends of the fishing line to each other. Puck's repaired ACL is now able to withstand more force than the original, and more than the original on the other leg--therefore, no more ball for Puck. Boo, hoo...

Puck, post-op day one. Looks like someone stole his pants, doesn't it? I shouldn't make fun. He was quite pathetic and in a lot of pain this day.

Into the doggy treadmill container--He's still not too sure about this...

As the water fills around him, Katie, PT-Extraordinaire, starts the treadmill. This is usually when Puck tries to leap out of the unit. I didn't capture a picture of that! It's a bit embarrassing...

Puck on the move.

Isn't he handsome? Even underwater...
I love my boy!


Michelle (The Beartwinsmom) said...

I think I need one of those cool treadmills!! The older I get, the worse my knees are.

That was one huge surgery Puck endured. I'm glad he's recuperating well. :-)

etta said...

me, too. thanks, michelle.

liza said...

glad to hear puck is ok now. i don't think i can ever bear looking at lokii (our shih tzu) under surgery.

happy weekend etta.