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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Verdict Is...

wait and see.
doc injected my iliopsoas tendon, which is the tendon that attaches the hip flexing muscles to the bone. in other words, when you flex your hip (i.e. lift your knee toward the ceiling or kick a ball), the iliopsoas tendon shortens.
we decided to inject the tendon to rule out something simple, like tendinitis, before we look for the more serious recurring labral tear.
the injection was quite uncomfortable.
I'll spare you too many details, but suffice it to say it takes a fair amount of needle pressure to break through the anterior hip and into the meat of the tendon.
the injection contains a steroid plus a novacaine-like med to desensitize the injected area.
the fun part--sarcastic--was that my quads went numb, too, as the femoral nerve runs just below the tendon, so I silly-walked for a few hours.
now it is wait and see time.
if my pain decreases after this injection, it may mean this is only tendinitis!
if the pain stays the same or worsens, well that means I failed the test, and it is likely a labral tear.
I am going back in two weeks.
I can begin running again in 2-3 days to test it out.
doc was a bit vague about the options available if my labrum is re-torn. he mentioned surgery, but that was before I reminded him I had already had two previous procedures.
he had apparently forgotten the first one.
he didn't mention surgery after that, but I think he went into the wait-and-see-what-happens-after-the-injection mode.
so, I'll wait and see, too.
and pray.


crackedheadblog said...

You and Puck...

I'm sorry. I'll keep you in my thoughts, and dare I say it--prayers.

Have you thought about rowing? ;^/

Bradley said...

Praying right with ya. And I love crackedhead's idea. LOL

Asdquefty said...

Waiting isn't fun, I'll keep you in my thoughts and hope you get better.

I like the rowing idea, but I can't imagine how you could get Puck to row.

etta said...

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, guys!
As far as rowing goes...I'm not sure I would find a sport where a small but very loud person yells out when and when you shouldn't "stroke!" Sounds a bit less zen-like than running.
And give Puck a break, hey? For crying out loud, the dog just learned to run on a treadmill--UNDERWATER! One sport at a time, please!
You guys make me laugh!