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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Excellent Run

It's amazing how quickly a good run can change my mood, outlook, attitude, self-confidence; you get the idea.

I was having a rough, sleepy, sluggish day. It started with an emergency dental appointment. Note to readers: popcorn and a weak tooth do not mix! I had one of my molars repaired about 6 weeks ago. It had a fracture line. I got a temporary filling. Last night I bit a tough piece of popcorn. My tooth split in two with the aforementioned popcorn kernel wedged between the pieces. It wasn't pretty. But it was no big deal, either. I just have half a tooth in my mouth right now. I'm scheduled to get it fixed next week.
After my appointment, Puck had his rehab appointment. We got the times mixed-up, though, and we arrived one hour late! Puck still got to run on the underwater treadmill, so it actually worked out okay. Did I mention it was pouring rain outside?
After that, I had to run one simple errand, in the pouring rain, to a store which wasn't there. It had relocated. So much for my simple errand. It took another 30 minutes to run down the store's new location.
By that time, the thought of running a fast tempo run was unappealing to say the least! I was tired, hungry, and irritable. I laid down. I slept. I figured the chance to run was lost by the time I woke up, as the rest of my day was scheduled. But then my social worker canceled our appointment, and I had a little over an hour before my Tuesday night meeting.
With a tiny burst of energy, I threw my running stuff on and walked out the door before I could think twice. I had a fast tempo scheduled, and those have all been tough lately. I was dreading it. To make the pacing a bit easier, I decided to run the 3 miles of tempo on the track with pace alerts (on my watch) every 1/4 mile. I was shooting for 8:45-9:00 minutes per mile.

Here's what I ran: 8:24, 8:22, 8:18! And I felt good doing it!

It's amazing how quickly a good run can change my mood, outlook, attitude, and self-confidence.


Jennifer said...

Yes, to not only run when you don't feel like it, but to reach your goals in doing so is a great feeling!

I haven't been feeling very inspired to run right now. It's been that kind of month. I'll keep on going (I'm kind of a plodder, really, but feel better when I get out there).

Tamara said...

Exercise really is the best medicine!