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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The best laid plans...

It was supposed to be 18, but everyone else was doing 20. I did 20 last week, but everyone else was doing 20 now, today. Oh...all right. I did 20, too. Wait, actually, I did 21. Yup, that's right. I ran 21 miles yesterday.

That wasn't exactly the plan, but I've never been really fond of plans anyway. I planned to run 18 yesterday. I planned to run my last 20-miler next week. Plans are overrated.

I've never run more than 20 miles in training before, and even after I changed the plan and became a conformist, I still wasn't planning on 21--only 20. But, like I said, plans are overrated. The course was a bit off, therefore everyone ran 21 or even 22 miles. I guess someone else had trouble planning, too.

In the end, my GPS read 20.8 miles. Allow me to round up, please. I'm going with 21. Not bad. The marathon is 3 weeks from today. Despite my shortened training program, I've got both 20-milers done with time to spare. I can now taper for the next three weeks, which is my typical taper time frame. I'm feeling okay, too. It's good. It's all good right now. That's a nice change of pace.


Jennifer said...

Excellent - and it's wonderful to go with "it's all good right now."

Tom in Cabo said...

Thanks for the words. I am thinking of you in training mate.