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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Funeral

I went to the funeral. Thank you to those who offered advice. You were right. After the wake last night, I wasn't sure I needed to attend today. I dressed appropriately, just in case, and drove to my class early this morning. From the moment I entered the class, I knew I would be leaving in two hours to drive back to Jeannie's funeral. It was crystal clear. A class meant nothing in comparison to saying goodbye to my close friend. So, I said goodbye with a few hundred others, balled my eyes out, gave and received a lot of hugs, laughed through tears, ate ham and scalloped potatoes, and then drove the 1.5 hours back to my class. I am so glad I went.

The service was beautiful. The priest captured Jeannie perfectly, exhorting us all to follow her example and give, give, give. In doing so, we allow Jeannie to continue living through each of us. He captured her wit, magnetism, self-sacrifice, and generosity. I am so grateful to have known her.

One last tidbit: I've told you how amazing this woman was. Here's an example. When her doctor told her she had inoperable, terminal cancer just two months ago, Jeannie got up, said, "I love you," and then gave her doctor a hug. She was a role model of recovery, acceptance, and living well. I can't even imagine that response!

Jeannie, I will miss you.

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mfranks said...

I am happy you got to go to the funeral. It was your last chance to say good bye. You would have regretted that you missed that.