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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thank you and tough decisions

I've received some really thoughtful, positive, and kind comments from you, the readers of this blog, recently. Thank you all so much. I am humbled by your interest in my writing and the generosity of your words. Thank you.

Jeannie's visitation is today--this evening. I am attempting to accomplish all my duties today prior to 4:00 PM so that I may be fully present at her visitation. That makes for one busy day. You see, even though the marathon is Sunday, I am leaving for the Twin Cities (1.5 hour drive) early, early tomorrow morning. I will be attending to my P.T. licensure requirements by participating in Twin Cities Sports Medicine Conference, which is run yearly in conjunction with the marathon. The conference will run all day tomorrow and half of Saturday at a hotel within a short distance of the starting line. In order to maintain my license, a certain number of continuing education credits are required per year. So far, I have zero. What can I say? Sometimes I procrastinate.

Unfortunately, Jeannie's funeral is tomorrow, mid-morning. To attend, I'd have to drive to my class, spend two hours there, drive back for the funeral, spend 1-3 hours there, and then drive back to my class. Not sure if I'd get credit for the class if I miss several hours of it, but I'm not sure I want to miss Jeannie's funeral, either. I'll have to make a tough choice, I guess. If any of you have any thoughts, I'm wide open...


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't miss the funeral. I wouldn't miss it because it's your chance to sit with others that love Jeannie as much as you do, and you'll have a moment to grieve for yourself, for her family, and friends--you'll be able to say something to her family--and being at a memorial recently myself---those words people spoke; the stories shared--they provided enormous comfort and sometimes surprising moments of laughter at a time where I thought none could be had.

What I found is that often times the most beautiful things come out of a funeral, believe it or not, you get a better sense of her (even though you know her well, there have to be others that knew a side of her you did not, people will share stories, it's important to be there for that.)

If I missed a funeral of someone I loved as much as you loved her---I think it would always bother me.

If you can find a workaround---try to. I don't think you'll regret it, but I do think you will if you miss it.

I wish you the best in your choice.

I know it's easier said than done to ditch the class and go to the funeral, but you have no idea how important it is to be there.

I will never forget every single person that came to my brother's funeral.

I remember who came and I remember what they said and what they wrote to us (cards, signing picture frames, guestbook signings . . . )

Be good and good luck, LaRee. My thoughts have been with you.

mfranks said...

Do not miss the funeral.