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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alcoholism about to claim a life

I have a friend who was taken off life support today. In and out of AA for almost 20 years, his final relapse occurred in August. My friend Jeannie was in the last stages of cancer at the time. Jeannie was one of his closest friends. It was too much for Stan to bear.

Alcohol took him from Jeannie. Unable to break free from his disease, he didn't say goodbye nor make it to her funeral. While we celebrated his friend's sober life, Stan was home alone with his bottle. The juxtaposition was great.

It's another sad day today. Another friend dying, this time it's a curable disease, yet a disease for which Stan couldn't find the cure. As a person with the same disease, it is especially difficult to witness. Though witness it, I am not.

Stan has no witnesses now. He is alone in a hospital many states away, the result of fleeing the friends and family who were trying to help. I can only witness from afar, know I will never, ever see him again, and pray for my friend's final peace.

Rest now, Stan. I will miss you.


Katharine said...

My deepest condolences. RIP Stan...

srk said...
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