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Thursday, April 30, 2009

More on the sleep study

The initial sleep study I had a couple weeks ago apparently showed some apnea, as I am scheduled for a follow-up study. The second study is to titrate the C-PAP machine. In other words, I will go to bed with a C-PAP on, and then the tech will gradually increase the air pressure throughout the night. The goal is to find the pressure point at which my airway will remain open. It sounds like a loooong night to me.

As I said before, I'm torn about this whole business. With all the fatigue and sleepiness I've had these past two weeks, there is a part of me that is thrilled with the possibility I have apnea. Maybe this is the key which will unlock my energy again. Maybe this fatigue has been about more than depression all along!

Of course, there is a larger part of me that doesn't wish to add another diagnosis to the litany I already have. The necessity of sleeping with a machine for the rest of my days is also not appealing! That's not appealing at all. And...what if I have apnea, go on the C-PAP, yet still battle with this fatigue? I'm thinking too much!

I gotta stop thinking and just wait. I need to wait and see what the test shows and then wait and see if the fatigue abates. However, if there is anyone out there who has experience with fatigue, and apnea, and C-PAP, I'd love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Etta! I found you via Psych Central. I too am beginning the sleep study in May. I feel your pain. On one hand it would be great if the apena diagnosis helps bring back some energy. Yet, if it does nothing... then what? A constant battle - for sure.

SK said...

I had a sleep study a couple of years ago, was diagnosed with severe sleep and was recommended that I start wearing a C-PAP mask.

I decided to get a second opinion from an ENT specialist and he was of the opinion that my apnea would improve significantly after a Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP). Quite a mouthful, I know and no pun intended! But after getting my tonsils, uvula and part of my soft palate removed removed and losing some weight, I'm apnea free. It wasn't as bad as it sounds and I experienced no loss in taste etc. It takes about 2-3 weeks to recover from the surgery but I'd prefer that over sleep with a mask for the rest of my days.


etta said...

Hey, thanks to you both. Let me know what happens with your study heartreflections.
SK, thanks for the info. My sleep doc did tell me there may be some other surgical options, as my apnea is apparently all due to my biology--i.e. my airway is very narrow. Surgery on my mouth and throat sounds very scary, though!

SK said...

The surgery itself isn't that long or complicated. No more than a tonsillectomy. But the recovery afterward is painful and not easy. You're on a complete liquid diet as swallowing or chewing anything is out of the question for like 2 weeks or so. That might interfere with your running. But all said and done, I'm very satisfied with the results I got. Just the idea of sleeping with a mask was causing me nightmares!