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Monday, April 13, 2009

Sleep Study Update

The sleep doc thinks I likely have sleep apnea, as I apparently have a narrower-than-normal airway. Who knew? As a result, I am scheduled for the full-blown overnight sleep evaluation this Wednesday night. Should be loads of fun. Hopefully, I'll be able to sleep.

The prospect of having sleep apnea isn't appealing, yet it could be a very good thing. As I said to the doctor, if I have to wear a C-PAP machine every night I might as well resign myself to a life of single-dom right now! On the other hand, if this 2-3 year bout of fatigue is the result of apnea--a totally fixable problem--the possibilities of the future are very exciting! I can't even imagine what life may feel like without my leaden cloak.

Once again, I find I need to stay in the moment rather than predict or plan for the future. I get no benefit out of worrying. I get no benefit out of hoping. Either way, I set myself up for discouragement and disappointment. I guess I'll just pray for sleep, accurate data, and the willingness to accept whatever comes my way.

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Wellness Writer said...

Good luck with this. A friend has sleep apnea, and wears the mask, and I think it's made a huge difference in her life. If it turns out that you do too, and want to talk with someone about it, I'll "introduce" you!