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Monday, August 31, 2009

A very scary attack!

My dog, my boy Puck, was attacked tonight. We were two blocks from home, only 2 minutes into a 4-mile run. We were running our usual route, right past a home we've run by at least 1,000 times before. A woman and her large dog came out of the home's front door. Before I knew what was happening, the dog broke his leash and ran straight toward Puck. In an instant, he had his mouth around Puck's neck and Puck pinned to the ground.

I was screaming and attempting to pull the dog off of Puck. The woman was screaming and attempting to pull the dog off of Puck. Then there was a man in the mix. We were all circling around yelling, screaming, and pulling on the dogs. The big dog was growling viciously as he tried to shake the life out of Puck. Puck looked terrified. He was yelping, as he tried to wriggle free. I was certain Puck's body was about to go limp.

Finally, the man pinched the big dog's leg really hard (he told me later), which apparently distracted the big dog, and he let Puck go. I screamed something really unkind about suing their asses off (not one of my better moments), as I raced to gather Puck in my arms. I was certain he was going to be near fatally wounded, but he wasn't.

In fact, he's barely wounded at all. He has a nasty little gash on one of his ears, but his neck is intact. I don't know how he survived without major injuries. I don't know how he survived period. I'm so relieved he's okay.

I'm still traumatized by the incident. I was so, so scared. Puck, after he quit shaking, got up and wanted to continue our run. We didn't. I wish my memory was as short as my dog's.

The dog owners, it turns out, were only fostering him for a local rescue society. They told me they'd been trying to give the dog back for several days. They were equally as traumatized as I, and they were very apologetic. They called the cops, statements were given, and who knows what will happen to that dog now. I love dogs, but that was a scary, dangerous dog. If Puck had been a toddler rather than a dog...a toddler would not have survived that attack.

Puck will be ten years old tomorrow. He will need a couple of stitches in his ear--hell of a birthday present. I don't know what I would do without him. I'm so glad he's okay. Thank God he's okay.


Polar Bear said...

Poor Puck! Hope hes feeling better soon. He looks adorable! I love dogs too, but some dogs can be vicious, and should be put down. I've heard of enough dog attacks on humans - toddlers, adults, other dogs. Over here, we have a particular problem with a specific breed - the pitbulls.

Anonymous said...

Oh Etta - I'm so sorry to hear that. Thank God for a good outcome. Good job Puck.

Borderline Lil said...

How scary for you and Puck! I'm so happy you are both okay.

Happy birthday for tomorrow Puck!

Krystal said...

So glad to hear your little guy is doing okay!