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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I did the DU!

Thanks to your comments and my friend Renee's insistence that I would "love it," I did the run, bike, run duathlon this morning. And I did like it...I'm not ready to say love just yet.

It was another gorgeous day for a race. We've sure been lucky with beautiful racing weather this summer. A crowd of just over 100 showed up, and what an intimidating crowd they were! Holy cow! Those triathlete-types are scary with their rippling muscles, tight spandex, and $4000 bikes! I immediately felt way out of my league. In my loose fitting running shorts (I just couldn't run in the big-butt bike shorts!) and a loose bike jersey, I'm sure I posed no threat whatsoever in the eyes of the tri crowd.

The initial run went well. I felt good and relatively quick. I ran the 3.3 mile jaunt, which included a fairly decent hill, in 24:58, 7:34 per mile. Transition one took me 68 seconds. The newness of racing a bike was fun. I could tell my new bike was up to snuff when I easily passed several people who appeared much more muscled than I. I just tried to maintain my cadence throughout.

Unfortunately, the never ending hills, including one long, gigantic hill at the halfway point, were not so fun. I could tell my pace was slowing over the last several miles. Still, I averaged 18.2 mph for the 21.6 mile ride. Not bad, and like I said, I felt like I stayed in front of a lot of decent-looking bikers--men and women.

Getting off my bike to begin the second run was quite comical. I almost fell down as I jumped off my bike. I never realized my legs could feel so inept! It took a good mile, after my 59 second transition, to lengthen my stride to just beyond baby steps! I ran the second 3.3 miles in 26:41, 8:05 per mile. That was slower than I would have liked, and it sure felt faster than that, but I again passed several people--unfortunately only men--along the way. I was quite thrilled to cross the finish line!

Overall, I was happy. I finished in 2:04:57, 7th out of 31 women and 2nd in my age group. But more importantly, I was pleasantly surprised by my ability to handle the course as efficiently as I did. I think I'm in better shape than I thought. That's always nice to discover. It was a good day, and yes, I'll probably do it again. Thank you all for your support!

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