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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A really, really good day!

Oh my gosh! Where do I start? Yesterday was a really, really good day! It's been a little while--maybe even a long while--since I've had a day like yesterday. It was a productive day filled with surprises! What could be better than that?

I started my day with a long list of things to do. I was a bit overwhelmed, as is usual when I have a long list. For a brief moment, I contemplated going back to bed and "doing it all later." Thankfully, I didn't. And I think that decision brought some good karma my way.

After my morning coffee, I returned some phone calls and organized my activities. First, I swam. I was supposed to run, but my legs just aren't cooperating lately. My left calf and shin pain are back, and now I have pretty significant right knee pain. Remember when I twisted that knee playing golf a few months ago? Well, I'm pretty sure I have a torn meniscus, and I think it is now objecting to running. It also objects to full knee flexion, i.e. I can't kneel, and full knee extension, i.e. I can't straighten my knee. I'm planning an MD appointment, but that wasn't on my list yesterday. So I swam 2 miles (1 mile in flippers) in 65 minutes. Boring and very tiring. I think I'm losing some of my fitness. But I did it!

After eating some wonderful pasta at my gym, I set out to conquer the rest of my schedule. A long line at the post office was the first stop. Then I was off to Mills Fleet Farm to replace my back door's broken door knob. (I locked myself out of the house Sunday and had to literally break in.) After filling my gas tank at the Mills gas station, I was off to Dick's Sporting Goods. I picked up a present for a friend, one who may read this blog, so I can't tell you what it was. Let's just say she's an avid golfer. The Target next door then swallowed me up for about an hour. Even with a list it is so hard to get out of that store once I'm inside! Too many goodies to peruse! I bought three more presents for the friends with whom I will be spending Christmas before returning home.

Now for the good part! When I got home there were four messages on my voice mail! Four! Nobody ever calls me, so that was quite exciting in and of itself. (What can I say? I lead a sheltered life.) The first message was from my credit union. Apparently I had won a contest--a contest which I didn't even know I had entered! Not only had I won, I won the grand prize! Check out my brand new, 8GB iPod Touch! Whoohoooo! Okay, so that was very exciting, but wait...there's more! I got three phone calls from a potential new employer! I enjoy my job, but driving 45-50 minutes on a very dangerous road has taken it's toll. I'd been hoping for something closer to home for the past year. Our occupational therapist was recently hired away from us by a new company in my city. I decided to give them my name, so I filled out an online application at 10:00 PM Monday night. They made their first call to me at 8:10 AM yesterday morning! Two more calls followed, including one offering an interview! Whoohoooo! I'll let you know more details as they emerge, but I am very excited! Well, I'm actually very, very, very excited...but I'm trying to contain myself.

I ended my day with a great AA meeting. A friend, and newcomer, I brought to this meeting last week showed up again last night. She had already transformed from a tearful, shaky shell to a smiling, fresh-faced woman. It's always great to see people come back after their introduction to the program. I'm keeping her in my prayers. If she gets it, like I got it, her life will certainly change! It's not always sunshine and roses, but sometimes it is! If I wasn't sober, I'd never have had the day I had yesterday, and for that I'm very grateful. Have a great day, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

This is a super update! I follow your blog and its exciting to see these fun things happen.