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Diagnosed with depression 17 years ago, I lost the life I once knew, but in the process re-created a better me. I am alive and functional today because of my dog, my treatment team, my sobriety, and my willingness to re-create myself within the confines of this illness. I hate the illness, but I'm grateful for the person I've become and the opportunities I've seized because of it. I hope writing a depression blog will reduce stigma and improve the understanding and treatment of people with mental illness. All original content copyright to me: etta. Enjoy your visit!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Running and Caroling

I stepped out of my comfort zone and went caroling tonight with members of my track club. It's an annual event I've never attended before. First of all I can't sing! Secondly, it's one of those group activities, and I knew I wouldn't know many of the runners attending. I think about fifteen runners showed up. We began at the local running store and then ran around town wearing our Santa hats and reindeer antlers. We entertained the residents at two nursing homes and then stopped to sing to the kids at The Ronald McDonald House. We completed our journey by returning to the running store for cookies. It was fun. It was fun, but it was also dark and freezing cold! I wouldn't be surprised if it was several degrees below zero. It was definitely the coldest weather I've run in this year. The darkness and the dicey winter footing was quite challenging, too. After downing a few cookies, I returned home to take Puck on a 2 mile jaunt. Before we went out I put Vaseline on his paws. I was worried he might get frostbite from the cold, icy ground. He seems to have survived just fine.

I'm pretty proud of myself for getting out of the house tonight. There were many reasons for me not to go. I was exhausted after work. It was freezing cold and dark outside. It was a new activity I'd never done before, which meant I had to conquer my fear in order to go. I'm not sure what got me out the door. Sometimes I surprise myself. Next year I just may do it again!

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