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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Why is change so uncomfortable? What is it that makes us so resistant to it?

We have a new employee at work, and today was the last day of work for the therapist she is replacing. I like the departing therapist a lot. I really enjoy working with her. We have similar viewpoints, similar lifestyles, similar work ethics. I don't want her to leave. What we have now works. Yet, she's moving on to something new. I can't change that.

The new therapist will probably be fine. She seems quite competent, friendly and hard-working. The patients seem to like her. I don't dislike her. She's just different. New. A change. I welcomed her to the staff, but I was guarded. I could have been more open and welcoming. Why is that?

What makes me resistant to the new and different? I'll miss working with my friend, but perhaps our new therapist will become a friend, too. Maybe I'll even learn something new and different from her! But I still wish things didn't have to change.


Anonymous said...

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andygoose said...

I think it's probably less about the change and more about the loss of your friend. Sure, she's still your friend and you can keep in touch, but you've been spending 8 hours a day with her for how long? Sometimes we want to tell ourselves that it shouldn't matter, but it does.

etta said...

You are probably right, andy. Thanks.

Bill White said...

Who really knows why you reacted as you did. Ya' just did. Cool thing is your reaction brought you good feelings and colder ones. Change can be scary 'cause it messes with security. And I'll tell you, I absolutely hate good-byes. Just swirling things around.