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Friday, January 15, 2010

This patient was special

His name was Stanley, just like my friend who passed away almost one year ago. I'm not sure of the meaning behind that, but it's interesting. He was 85 years old, a minister for 35 years, a husband, a father of five, and a patient of mine. He was a very special man.

Stanley died in the early hours of yesterday morning. I'm sad. As I've told you before, Stanley and I shared a special connection. He was the most humble, serene, and peaceful man I had ever met. Gratitude and compassion emanated from him. He was what I strive to be, and I was drawn to him.

From his obituary: ...he was instrumental in securing a grant that was first in the nation for a migrant school. He was also active in AA work. He always enjoyed the youth of the church and took them on many camping trips. After Stan retired, he held part-time jobs in the fields of youth and alcohol rehabilitation, and did “Fifth Step” work, among other things.

No wonder I was drawn to him. It sounds like we had more in common than I knew. Stanley had told me about his fifth step work with recovering alcoholics, but a lot of ministers do fifth steps. He never disclosed whether or not he was a member of AA. It seems he may have been. He certainly lived his life according to the principles I now hold dear. I will not soon forget the example he set.

Thank you, God, for allowing Stanley's path to intersect with mine. I am grateful for the opportunity to know him. He was a very special man.

Rest in peace, Stanley. Rest in peace.

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Maggie Beth said...

I bet Stanley thanked God for allowing you to cross his path; and I am quite certain Stanley saw the specialness in you also. I am deeply sorry for you loss. Prayers of peace and comfort. ~ Maggie B.