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Sunday, February 7, 2010


I discovered I'm being plagiarized by a site called Alaska Psychiatry Journal. They take my feed and republish it as their own, submitted by "admin" and filed under the "category" Depression Marathon. They also list Depression Marathon in their sidebar as a "category" with no link to my site. And I'm not the only one. They are plagiarizing multiple sites in the same way.

To say I'm angry is a gross understatement. I'm incensed! I'm frustrated! I'm incredulous! There is no contact information for the site administrator anywhere on their site, but someone suggested e-mailing, which I did. I asked them politely to cease and desist, but so far no word from them nor change in their plagiarism. I've also contacted their web host, IX Web Hosting, and asked them to intervene. They are "looking into it." I don't know what else to do.

Since this post, laughingly, will also be plagiarized by the site, I guess I'll ask again right here. Please, Alaska Psychiatry Journal, stop plagiarizing my original material! I put my heart and soul into this blog. These are my words, my thoughts, and my feelings. While it is nice to be recognized by other sites, to have you present my words, thoughts and feelings as your own is an incredible personal violation. Please, stop.

If anyone out there knows of another way for me to address this thievery, please let me know. Thanks, and thanks for letting me vent.


Mohican said...

Well, this is interesting.

First, I notice that the journal does not reproduce your blog enries as its own. It shows the first few sentences but to read the whole article you have to click on the title (like "Another Busy Day ahead") and it takes the reader to your blog. Same with the comments link - it goes to your blog entry. It accomplishes this by using your RSS feeder. Most of the categories in APJ use to pick this up - many other blogs are also being used this way. Is this ethical? You have the right to object, but the whole point of RSS feeds is to bring readers to your site to read about something that interested them in the feed teaser. So in that sense it may not be such a bad thing. Search for "feed scraping" and you will find some interesting discussions and strategies for dealing with it.

BUT: Check this out, near the end of an article about a UFO movie based in Nome:

"Try Googling “Abigail Tyler” and “Alaska.” You’ll get a link to a convincingly boring Web site called the “Alaska Psychiatry Journal” — complete with a biography of a psychologist by that name who researched sleep behavior in Nome. Except the site is suspiciously vacant, mostly a collection of articles on sleep studies with no home page or contact information.

Another site,, features a story from the Nome Nugget about Tyler moving to Nome for research. The problem? The story is credited to Nugget editor and publisher Nancy McGuire, who says it's baloney and she never wrote it.

Both the news site and the medical journal site were created just last month, according to domain-name research sites.

Ron Adler is CEO and director of the Alaska Psychiatric Institute. Denise Dillard is president of the Alaska Psychological Association. They said this week they’ve never heard of the Alaska Psychiatry Journal, or of Abigail Tyler." (Sept. 1, 2009)

Also note that if you click on "admin" at APJ, you see the latest posts attributed to "him". They are almost all about UFOs. Hmmmm...

Now here's another site which DOES reproduce your content in whole, without attribution:

It pretends that the entries are sent in by "Robert" or "Mary" but their email addresses are all at and are invalid. For instance, does not pass the SMTP test ( ). Not all of your entries are in there, and other entries in there do have attribution for the source. Very odd. It is also pirating source from run by John Gale. No attribution is given for any of the entries. This is a much clearer case of plagiarism. You might want to contact Gale at mentalhealthupdate.blogspot about this & get some support.

Finally (whew), I would avoid It comes up high in google searches and has many references from blogs, but some of the blogs had exactly the same wording. This is a form of "link farms". I did not find through copyscape, and after a few obvious pieces of advice it directs you to a website that charges $99. Instead, check out:

Good luck! After all this I think I feel the way you do after a good run.

etta said...

Thanks for all that great info, Mohican. I got a very, very nasty response from the offending website, and they refused to remove my content.

Actually, they do show my whole blog post when the entry is on their main page. Once it's off the main page, it does shorten it as you found.

My problem is listing my blog title as one of their "categories." And everyone else who has used my blog entries has always linked back to my blog: i.e. if you click on Depression Marathon it takes you to my blog.

I will have to look into the other blog you told me about. Thanks. I'm also going to be contacting a webmaster locally to get some help protecting my content. You've given me lots of info to think about and look into. Thanks again.

etta said...

I just checked. Despite their nasty response, they did remove my content as well as content from the other blogs they were using. Now it is just a site about UFO's.

Mohican said...

Wow! Just compared the Google cache to the current page. You sure put the fear of g-d into those sleazebags! Your content and a bunch of other's is totally expunged. Way to go.

Best Superbowl commercial: 50 year old Brett Favre for Hyundai.

etta said...

Oh, I don't know, Mohican, the E-trade babies were pretty good...

Yes, I'm relieved to be done with the UFO site. Now, Mohican, can you suggest any way to contact or get the other site to stop blatantly plagiarizing me?
I've changed my feed to a short form, so my whole post will no longer go out on feed. I feel bad doing that, as I know I will probably lose some readers who don't have the time nor inclination to click through to my site in order to read the entire post.
I'm not sure what else to do. As far as I can tell, the sham site is based in Lithuania!
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! You clearly know your way around the net better than I!

Mohican said...

Changing your feed was a good idea.

The admin contact listed on the depressiono website is, which fails the SMTP test. BUT: links to (which links back to Both sites use exactly the same template, the same registrar and the same Lithuanian servers. But was registered one day before depressiono. While depressiono's whois file has no real information in it, does. This is the contact info for

Admin Email:
Admin Name: Valdas Ektis
Admin Street1: Druskininku g. 10-4
Admin City: Palanga
Admin Phone: +370.37060214400

Guess Valdas wised up one day too late about private registration. These pages:

confirm that he (she??) runs both sites. The email is valid and Google maps can locate the address. (Looks
like an apartment building in a nice neighborhood, less than a mile from the sea).

I'd start by sending the same message you sent to the APJ. That was pretty effective!

Mohican said...

Ah, what fun tracking this down - all new to me so a good learning experience. This should solve the problem regardless of what ol' Valdas does.


I don't have a account but they should be able to tell you how to access the .htaccess file. Then just add this:

order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all

For more info:

and may have a plugin you could use like the one described here that would allow going back to full feeds:

Karl the Depression Cure Guy said...

Woah! that is really tremendous.
Try this one
maybe there are still any other sites you used to copy your feed.