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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Packing it all in!

Boy, I've been busy today! Here's a short recap.

I started the day at my new job filling out paperwork. After an hour there, I ran four errands all over town. I went grocery shopping, which you know I hate doing because it takes too long and costs too much money. But I did it. After grabbing some lunch, I ran off to play nine holes of golf. I did okay. It was warm, but the wind was blowing over 20 miles per hour so that made my beginner golf game even more interesting. Two hours of walking around whacking that ball was a luxurious break from triathlon training though.

By the time I returned home, I only had one hour before my 5:30 AA meeting. Puck needed attention, as we didn't get out to exercise yesterday. I knew I had a lot left to do tonight, including spending time with you, so I quickly loaded Puck into the car and drove across town to the doggy swimming hole. I knew it would be a bit chilly, as the ice just melted a few weeks ago, but I figured Puck could handle it. He did, although he was shaking like a leaf when I dried him off. Nevertheless, he appeared ecstatic. He loves playing ball! (Unfortunately, since he's had both anterior cruciate ligaments replaced, I only allow him to play ball in the water now.) We didn't stay long. I dropped him at home, fed him, and ran off to AA.

It was another good meeting tonight, and I really needed a good meeting. I've been noticing liquor stores lately. That's not a good thing. It means I'm thinking a little screwy. It means I need to go to a meeting even on an otherwise busy day! It's always helpful to sit down with other alcoholics and be reminded what life was like when alcohol was at its center. Life is a lot better now.

After the meeting, I spent an hour chopping up all the fruit and veggies I bought today. I made a big salad for dinner, made tomorrow's lunch, set up my oatmeal and coffee for breakfast, and organized my gear for the morning workout.

We're doing a long brick at 5:30 tomorrow morning. After riding (in a spinning class) for 70 minutes, we'll run around the track for twenty. Then I'll dash home, shower, eat and dash off to work. Phew... I better get to bed! Good night, all.

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Divas said...

I'm so happy for you and your new job!