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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A rainy day

It's a gray, wet, wet day today. Actually, this is day two of gray and wet. The snow in my front yard has dwindled from several feet to just inches. Unfortunately, that brings all of Puck's winter work to the surface. Ugh! I've got a lot of cleaning up to do out there.

Gray is not great for the mood, but I'm still doing well. I saw my doc today. It was nice to be able to laugh with her rather than cry. I hope this continues for awhile, but I'll keep taking it one day at a time.

Tomorrow is the big day for my interview. I spoke with my former co-worker, who now works for the potential new company, today. She was helpful. She explained some of the job expectations and suggested questions to ask during my interview. It's always helpful to have some inside insight. Wish me luck tomorrow.

As for the triathlon training, this week continues to be somewhat overwhelming, but I'm keeping up. Yesterday was tough. At 5:30 AM we began with a 60 minute spinning class. As soon as we jumped off our bikes, we ran hard for 30 minutes. It was challenging. After working 8 hours, I returned to the gym for the strength and ab circuits. Like I said, it was challenging.

Today's workout was a 2200 yard swim interval. Later, I'll bike for 40 minutes. My legs are really tired and a little sore. The pool was probably good for them despite the lengthy interval workout. The next three days I'll be running a lot, biking, and doing one more strength circuit to finish out the week. Even though it's difficult, I am enjoying the challenge of this program, and I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping up.

Well, laundry calls. I'll let you know how the interview goes.

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Wendy said...

Good for you that you're really hanging in there. I'm overwhelmed even thinking about all that training. I'm more of a sloowww yoga type lady. And as for the job, may you find the perfect job for you bringing you true happiness, prosperity and the right type of challenge.