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Saturday, March 13, 2010

She liked me!

"I'm very interested." That's what the interviewer said to the interviewee, me, yesterday. She's also in desperate need of two physical therapists, so she said she'd get back to me on Monday. I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I'm expecting an offer. I'm in the process of researching the company website, again, so I can better understand their benefits package. It seems like a very solid company, and I really liked the woman who interviewed me. She was direct, honest, and realistic. That worked for me. I'm looking forward to hearing from her on Monday. As always, I'll let you know!

Everything else is going well. Triathlon training has been intense but doable. I'm definitely in the best shape I've been in for years...maybe ever! If I was cockier, I'd post a picture of all my new muscles, but alas that's a bit too forward for me. My coworkers and friends have noticed and commented on my changing body. I haven't lost any weight, but it seems to be distributed differently; differently enough for people to notice anyway.

My youngest brother just called. It's rare that we speak to each other--my family is not very close--so it's always nice when he calls. Ironically, he asked if I wanted to do a triathlon with him and my other younger brother. He had no idea I was training for my own triathlon! The brother on the phone was a champion high school swimmer while my other brother was an outstanding runner. I guess that puts me on the bike, which is not my strongest event, but I'm the only one with the equipment. I was pleasantly surprised by the offer and immediately said yes. Like I said, it's so rare for us to do anything together, I think this would be a terrific bonding opportunity.

My life has been full of little surprises lately, hasn't it? That's okay. I like surprises.

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Divas said...

Oh, that is awesome! I just started today at a physical therapy office! But not as a therapist - just part-time admin/marketing stuff for now until I get my ACE Personal Trainer cert.
Good luck!!!