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Monday, April 19, 2010

A bittersweet day

It's Boston Marathon day today. Many folks I know ran, including my friend, Renee, who had an awesome race. It's been bittersweet reading all of her blog posts. Not only do I miss living in Boston, where I lived for more than five years, I should have been running today along with all those folks I know. I qualified the day after registration closed! I'm trying to remember to be grateful for qualifying at all. Trust me, I will sign up the first day registration re-opens and use my qualification to run it next year!

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the marathon, as nobody broadcast it live. Damn ESPN! They played repeat after repeat of SportsCenter when they could have been broadcasting one of the greatest marathons in the world! Oh well, I had a very busy day while awaiting the results of my friends.

I started the day with a medium-hard bike ride followed by a hard run. I ran seven, 40 second steep hills in the middle of my 35 minute run. Phew! Hills after a bike ride--my quads were screaming at me! It was a good workout.

After fixing my computer--don't you hate computer malfunctions--I put my new battery in my motorcycle. Didn't know I had a motorcycle? I do. It's a beautiful 1985 Honda Shadow 500. I'll post a picture of it soon. It's back in the garage now. I didn't take it out at all last summer, too busy training for marathons, so I wasn't sure if it would start. But after getting some gas in the carbs, it started right up.

I rode my motorcycle on all of my errands; the dentist, the office, a visit to my new sponsee, and then went for a ride in the country. It was a gorgeous day, and there is nothing quite like speeding along in the open air. I can't wait to ride it again tomorrow!

Tonight I'm destined to watch more training videos for work. I'll probably fall asleep doing that. I can't believe how many there are to watch! Tomorrow I get my first chance at patient care with my new employer. I'm not worried about the patient care piece, but the computer documentation is overwhelming. It will be nice to have another PT there to guide me through it. I'm really hoping I can learn it all quickly. Well, I better get going on those videos. Have a lovely evening!

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