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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Resting with anxiety

It's hard to have a restful day when I'm so anxious about tomorrow's triathlon. I spent the morning volunteering at the first big race of the season here. It was a 20K which I usually run, but for obvious reasons didn't run this year. It was hard to sit and watch.

It was also surprisingly anxiety provoking to watch the start of the race. All of a sudden I pictured myself in the pool at tomorrow's start, and I just about began hyperventilating! How silly! I just had to laugh at myself and go back to my volunteer position at the food table.

After the race I came home and napped for a very short time--not long enough. Then I took Puck swimming again. He just loves chasing that ball, even though he was shivering once we finished. My friend Taylor is outside finishing my deck right now. I'll post a picture when it's finished. It's just lovely!

I'm having dinner with my friends Bill and Cindy. I try to eat the same thing before all my big races, and believe it or not, that thing is the Baker's Square chicken quesadilla. What can I say? It worked once, then it worked again, and now it's the routine!

I've already started putting my stuff together for tomorrow. Of course, I'm worried I'll forget something important. I probably won't. My friend Renee is going to be my one fan and take pictures for me. She's a runner extraordinaire and a fellow blogger. Check her out at Renee's Ramblings. If I don't look too horrible, I may even post some of her shots.

Hey, I just thought of one positive aspect of being so anxious! I've not had any time to freak out about starting a new job on Monday! Yet. Wish me luck!


p2sam said...

Good luck !! Exciting times.

Divas said...

Can't wait to hear about it! You're right - stub your big toe and you forget all about your headache. LOL!

Overcome Anxiety said...

Hey that sounds great! Just do not be too excited and let the things flow smoothly. Good Luck to you!