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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just as I turned out my lights and headed to bed, my doorbell rang. What the hell? Who rings a doorbell so late at night? I apprehensively approached my front door. Peering through the glass, I recognized my neighbor standing there. I opened the door as the words rushed out of her mouth, "Someone just broke into our house!"

Ironic. Just an hour earlier I told a woman, who was thinking of moving into town, how safe our neighborhood had been. I questioned my neighbor, "What happened?" They had been out for dinner, away from home for a mere three hours, when someone smashed their way in. She wanted to know if I had heard anything. I was shocked I hadn't. Our homes are only one driveway-width apart. The scumbags took everything they could, ransacking the house in the process. My neighbor cried as she detailed the losses. (Oh, and in case you were wondering, the police were of no help. When my neighbor called last night, the officer told him to file a report online! They didn't even send a car! I'm a supporter of my local police, but this shocked me! I guess we don't pay enough taxes in this part of town.)

My first feeling was fear. My first thought was, why not me? Why did they choose their home rather than mine? It was really scary and ironic because I had thought about the possibility of a break-in on the heels of my garage sale. The thought had crossed my mind--What better time to target a home than right after they take in a whole bunch of cash over a weekend?! If they had hit my home, they certainly would have taken quite a bounty, as I had yet to make it to the bank. I even wondered if I was supposed to be the target, but the scumbags screwed up and hit the wrong house! Of course I didn't mention those fears to my neighbor.

I was immediately relieved to have a dog, as I went to bed scared. Maybe the dog tie-outs hanging at the front and back doors were actually what saved me, because I was gone for about an hour last night, too. I'm not sure what Puck would do if someone smashed their way inside, but I do know he has a good bark as long as they are outside. He tends to wag his tail once someone actually approaches him. Hopefully, no one will ever test him.

My sense of security is definitely shaken. I'll be locking and double-locking the doors for a long time to come. I may even finally replace my back door. The current door would be easy to break. Ultimately, I have no control over whether someone breaks in or not, and that's frustrating. I don't like feeling scared in my own home. I'll let you know if anything positive comes out of the situation.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so sorry for your neighbors. I know how scary that is-- when I was a kid my house was robbed too. I hope that you are able to find some security and feel safe. Safety is one of our most basic needs.

Wishing you well,

Maggie Beth said...

ETTA! So sorry for your neighbor! OMG! Terrifying.

And YES I bet Puck is the reason they did not break in - robbers don't want to deal with (are scared of) dogs!

Sadly you may not be far off with the garage sale link. They knew what you had (nothing - you were selling it all! SMILE) but they could have been 'studying your neighbors' houses while looking around. (Didn't you say someone stole some stuff from the sale? - I am guess here). OKAY this is going to sound so NUTS -- but buy a can of WASP spray!! YES WASP SPRAY! -- The cans are made to spray up to 25 feet -- and if you get someone in the face you have some running timme. Gun would do the same - but wasp spray is less messy (SMILE)! You keep Puck alert and you are good!!

Sid said...

The police wouldn't even send someone to investigate? What if someone had still been hiding in the house?

It is a good thing you have a dog, cuz apparently the police are worthless! Stay sage!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same as someone else...whomever stole your stuff may have been the robbers as well.

I always figure my dogs would say "Oh, fun! A person! Let me show you where they keep the good stuff!" But they probably are a deterant.

Hope you slept ok.


Mohican said...

I'm reading this in disbelief. The cops didn't come out?? What was their explanation? As Sid pointed out, how could anyone be sure the thieves weren't still in the house? WTF do they think their job is? That's unconscionable.

I recently set up a surveillance system from Logitech Wilife - very very easy to install and greatly adds to my peace of mind. Of course, with cops like yours, if it caught anybody I would just post it to YouTube and let them view it online...

Divas said...

Wow, I'm sorry for your neighbors but glad it wasn't you!
This is incredible. I hope they find the rats!