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Thursday, August 26, 2010

just moving along

We're still settling things around the neighborhood after the break-in a couple nights ago. Actually, the very next night, the neighbors on my other side had a pogo-stick taken right out of their front yard while they were in the back! Who steals from a 6-year-old girl? Class-less. The good news is that the police came around yesterday and actually did some fingerprinting. It appears the home intruders initially planned to go through a window. They cut the screen and tried to slide open a locked window. (When that didn't work, they just broke in the door.) Fortunately for my neighbors, the thieves left perfect hand prints on the locked window! Hopefully, those idiots already had police records and comparable prints on file.

I'm still selling things. Since the garage sale, several of the items I listed on Craig's List have sold. I've gotten rid of my motorcycle helmet and saddlebags, a bike helmet, my old GPS unit, and a dog kennel. I like Craig's List! So simple. I'm looking around my house to see what else I can sell!

We had our track club picnic tonight. Potlucks are tough on my Weight Watchers program! Despite my garage sale garbage eating and two potluck dinners within the past week, I've been able to lose weight. I weighed myself yesterday, and I'm down 4.7 pounds! That makes me quite happy. I am noticing a slight difference in how my clothes fit, but I'm looking forward to them fitting even better in a couple weeks. I just have to continue being mindful of what I'm putting into my mouth. The Weight Watchers points program really helps me with that.

I've started exercising again, which has probably helped off-set the potlucks. I've done something everyday this week. I ran a couple miles three times, swam once, and did my circuit training today. I feel like I'm starting over, but I knew that would be the case after taking three weeks off. I need to set some goals. It's hard for me to work out just for the sake of working out. I could start training for a late fall marathon. Unfortunately, marathons end around here in mid-October, too soon, and I don't have the funds to travel anywhere. (Every penny I'm making is going toward my basement remodel!) So I'm not sure where to set my sights. For now, I'm a goal-less exerciser.

Life is going well. My dog is sound asleep on the floor. The crickets are chirping outside. And I'm almost ready to go to bed. Work will be busy tomorrow, but I'm not worried or overwhelmed. I figure I'll get things done one step at a time. It's nice when my head is clear enough to allow for such peaceful thoughts. Here's wishing all of you a very peaceful evening as well.


LAH said...

Sounds like a productive week... and a good night!

A. Paige Turner said...

Sounds like things are going are well ~ ENJOY! (and I am glad the police got involved).

Hey robbers! Here's a thought ~~ GLOVES! (SMILE) Hopefully they were 'stupid (harmless)kids' with nothing better to do than cause trouble!! hhhhmmm pogo stick? Yeah, stupid bored kids....(SMILE)