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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thank God, it's over!

My load of stuff has been lightened significantly. My pocket is full of cash. And thank God, it's done! My garage sale is officially over. I'm pretty sure I won't do it again! It was a lot of work. It rained on us once. It was hot and humid otherwise. A group of men came in a bunch and stole some electronics. We sold a lot to many families in need. (For example, one family bought 10 pairs of my old running shoes!) I hurt my mom's feelings. (More on that in a later post) At closing, we stocked up a young couple with several hundred dollars of free stuff for their new pad. And the Salvation Army is much richer this morning. Wow! What an interesting, exhausting weekend.

I'm not sure where to start. Again, I couldn't believe how much stuff I had accumulated. My driveway and garage were crowded with things, upon things, upon things. Then, just to make it more interesting, my friends Bill and Cindy arrived with three truckloads full of their belongings. It just occurred to me. I really should have taken some pictures! Long story short...we were loaded with stuff.

The first day, with the exception of 10 minutes of rain, was long, hot, and fairly steady. I was outside setting up by 6:00 AM for a sale scheduled to begin at noon. We made our first sale at 8:50 AM. Crazy! We finally packed up by 8 or 9 PM, and then we all went out for a huge meal and pie. (My diet really suffered this weekend!)

Yesterday was more of the same. We went from 8 AM through 4 PM. It was busier and hotter than Friday. By the end of the day, we were practically giving things away. Actually, we did give things away. I looked around at 3:00, and even though more than half of the bounty was gone, I realized I was going to be hauling an awful lot of stuff to Salvation Army if I didn't get busy letting stuff go! We all went into "Everything Must Go," mode.

At 3:30, a very young couple drove up. They walked through. As they were heading back to their car, Cindy asked, "What do you need?" She started, literally, shoving things into their arms. "How about sheets? Do you need some sheets?" She pushed sheets at them. They smiled sheepishly. We found out they were just setting up their small pad. Oh my! That was all we needed to hear! We told them, "Take whatever you want! Please!"

Initially they were shy, but by the time they left we had them stocked with a new futon, a Thermarest sleeping pad, two pillows, two sets of sheets, several blankets and throws, a comforter, two duvets to cover the out-of-date comforter, a clock, a beautiful candle, a lamp, an LCD monitor/TV, and several other items I can no longer remember. With the exception of the monitor, we gave them everything, free! It was so fun! I think they were happy they stopped!

Shortly after that fun, we began packing up. By the time we finished, it was again time for a big meal and good dessert. I treated my mom and step-dad to their meal for all the help they provided over the weekend, especially since they barely sold enough to make half their time worthwhile. After dinner, I barely had enough energy to make it to bed.

This morning, I've arisen to a messy, disorganized home. But it's an emptier home, and that's fantastic! I have floor space I haven't seen since I bought this place 6.5 years ago! I love it! I'm going to re-commit to better eating, begin exercising again, and figure out what to do with all this extra space! For awhile, though, I may just enjoy the emptiness! Carry on, friends!


Lisa said...

I love reading the words enjoy in a positive manner in blogs!!!! I'm glad your garage sale went well and things are going well for now. Keep it up!!!
stay strong!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a successful garage sale! It sounds like you were really charitable-- that's incredible and shows what a good person you are.

Wishing you well,

A. Paige Turner said...

CONGRATULATIONS!And what a wonderful story of giving to the couple! G I R L !!!! When your KHARMA Ship floats in it is gonna be LOADED! So excited ~ that YOU are excited!!!

((AND I am extremely proud that whatever the "bump" was between you and mom only ranked a sentence and not a whole post!! You chose to focus on the awesomeness of everything else! As you said, you can circle back with Mom another day! But today is a day to celebrate! GO ON WITH YOUR BAD-SELF! You are growing by leaps and bounds......Don't contridict me - yes, you are! LOL!!!)))

Andy said...

G'day. I 'tripped' into your blog and loved your words and human joy. Thank you. Are we not lucky!
I was thinking about the 'depression' that attracted me to your blog. funny how your words remind me that depression is only one of the feelings we experience in life but how easy it is to forget or ignore the others.

Divas said...

I'm going to have one soon when the weather gets cooler. Too hot right now! Glad you made some cashola from your sale.