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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A good week

Just finished my first week of being back in training. I'm tired and my muscles are sore, but I feel better having a direction. I knew I would. This past week I ran three times, including 10 miles yesterday, and swam, biked, and strength trained once each. It feels really good to work my muscles again.

I've also done some work on my house this week. Today, after biking, I painted the primer on all the walls in my basement--over 3 hours of work. My shoulders are sore. I'll hopefully complete the priming process by Tuesday. Then I can paint. I haven't picked out the color yet, but I've got it narrowed down to a few different shades. Since it's a basement, it's going to be a boring shade of bright white or beige. I'll be glad when the painting is done.

Work also went well this week. I learned a new skill. I admitted a couple of new patients, and my schedule was almost full. Tomorrow will be a very busy, full day. Busy and full are good things. We're a new company in town, so we are still in the process of getting our name out there and our reputation established. It appears we are successfully doing so, and that's pretty exciting.

I'm relaxing now in front of a boring football game. My dog is asleep at my feet, awaiting his exercise I think. It was a beautiful day here in Minnesota, and it's turning into a beautiful evening. So I think I'll shut off the TV, put away the computer, grab the leash, and be on my way. It was a good week. I'm grateful for that. Take care!

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The Depressed Reader said...

Sounds great! Actually using our bodies is good for us both physically and mentally.

Recently I've registered for a 10km race in November, and have started running that distance regularly. If all goes well I hope to do a half marathon after that and then work up to the Tokyo marathon in February.