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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A very productive weekend

I ran.
I biked.
I painted.
I cleaned.
I laundered.

14 miles.
60 minutes.
Three walls and a hallway.
My whole house.
An awful lot of clothes!

Boy I had a productive weekend! My fourteen mile run went really great yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I was glad to be done. But I maintained my 9 minute per mile average throughout, and I was really happy with that! It was a beautiful day for a run.

Today I began the day by cleaning my house. Oh my, it was a mess! I really love a clean house, but I hate cleaning. Perhaps that's why I let it go so long before cleaning it. I wish I wouldn't do that. I hopped on my bike after that. It was another beautiful day, but I nearly froze my ass off on my 60 minute ride. It was beautiful, but the air was much, much cooler than I anticipated! It took me two hours to warm up once I got home.

After rewarding myself with some yummy ice cream, I watched my Vikings win...finally! Unfortunately, my Twins lost...bummer. (That's okay, they've already secured the Central Division Championship!) And then I painted my basement while doing many loads of laundry. Eventually, I'll be finished painting down there. Right now it seems never ending, though.

Now my house is cleaned, my laundry is cleaned, and even my bod is cleaned (I just got out of the shower). It was a good weekend. No worries about my mood. Felt good about my training. And was productive around my house. How normal is that?

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Maggie Beth said...

Way to Rock Normal!! (SMILE)

SO Thrilled you had an awesome weekend!!

'Nuff Said ~