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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weight loss

Whoopee! I saw my doc today and got weighed. I was shocked! I've lost 8.3 pounds! I haven't weighed what I weigh now since December, 2006! I love Weight Watchers Online! I'm telling you, this program is amazing! I can't believe how easy this has been. And I've not been hungry, which was my biggest fear. Geez, I could be a Weight Watchers spokesperson!

By using the WW points system I've learned to eat mindfully, and that's been the most positive thing that could have happened. I eat whatever I want, but I pay much closer attention to what I'm putting in my mouth. I think about what I'm having and plan for later meals when making food decisions. I never did that before. I just ate. When I crave something, I think about whether I need it before I speed through the drive-thru. Sometimes, I decide I do need it. Usually, I can satisfy my craving with something worth fewer points. I've really changed the way I eat.

I haven't given up anything either. (Last week, I had a Brownie Batter Blizzard at Dairy Queen!) But I'm certainly eating fewer treats than I used to, and when I do have them, there's more thought behind them. I've had fewer fancy coffees, french fries, and desserts. I can now eat one cookie rather than three or four. That's amazing! Sometimes my eating felt out of my control before. Now it feels totally within my control. I think that's been a pretty big deal.

I think I've been more motivated to exercise, too. Exercising earns extra points, which means extra pasta, burgers, or ice cream. Again, I'm more aware of the energy I'm putting out and the nutrition I'm putting into my bod. Cool.

These results were all totally unexpected. It all adds up to me feeling better about me. My clothes fit much better, and I look better in them. Running is easier because I'm carrying around fewer pounds, and that motivates me to run more. And I feel good about successfully sticking with this program. It's all good. I'm happy.


Maggie Beth said...

You on go on with your bad-skinny-ars!! Good for you! ENJOY!

etta said...

Thanks Maggie Beth! That made me laugh out loud! I so appreciate your comments, but this is one of my favorites!