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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hanging on for the ride

Life has been cruising along at break-neck speed. I'm sorry I've been absent from this blog for several days. I don't like doing that. I feel a responsibility to all of you to keep up. Keeping up with my speedy life has been a little tough, but I'm certainly not bored!

Work has had a bit of drama, and that's always tiring. Unfortunately, two of our team members have separated themselves by being disrespectful to many of us, including my boss. They have a different boss even though they are part of our team in our office. It's a little bizarre that way. For some reason, they seem to feel they have a right to behave as they see fit because they don't share our boss. And their behavior lately has been less than professional. It's too bad. We have a great office with great people. I can't figure out what they're thinking. I don't think they realize that their behavior reflects poorly on them rather than on the staff they are disrespecting. It's been a little stressful, as my boss tries to deal with them.

Other than that stress, work has been great. I've got a full load of patients now, and I'm very busy. It's testing my energy limits. For example, I didn't get to work out until after 8:00 PM last night, and that was after working 10 hours. Getting on a bike was the last thing I wanted to do, but I didn't want to skip a day after training so hard for so many weeks now. So I went to the gym and rode my little heart out for 45 minutes. Of course, I was glad I did. As usual, I felt better physically and mentally once done.

Today, I ran a 10 mile tempo run in between doctor appointments, meetings, and errands. It was a great run--difficult, but great. I maintained my 8:25 pace throughout. It was a gorgeous day. And my form felt decent, even when I was tired. It was all good. I'm planning to run a half-marathon next Saturday, so it was nice to get a decent, fast run under my belt beforehand.

My training is going so well, and yet I'm still not sure I'll have the funds to travel to Dallas for the marathon in December. I'm going to keep training as if I'll be running it, continue running some local races, and hopefully have the funding when the time comes. The race is December 5th, so I have a little more time to prepare. Even if I don't run the race, however, the training is serving me well so it's worth it.

There. I think you're all caught up. I'm considering increasing my work hours, but I'll leave that discussion for a future post. Have a great day.

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