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Saturday, October 16, 2010

It must have been the second cup.

Maybe that second cup of coffee made the difference this morning. On a perfectly gorgeous day, I ended up running 18 miles today rather than the 13 I was fretting about (see previous post). I had 18 scheduled for next weekend, but I'm doing a half-marathon next weekend, so I was already fretting about completing the eighteen. All week I thought about switching today's 13 with next week's 18, but I didn't want to put pressure on myself.

My tentative plan for next Saturday was to warm-up with a couple miles and then run 3 more at the end of the race, but I also knew that would suck. That plan, and the thought that it would just be easier to run 18 today, was in the back of my mind for the first 13 miles. When I got to 13, I felt pretty good, so I said, "What the hell!" And I went for it.

Fourteen miles came up pretty quickly, but those last four miles were particularly tough. I had a difficult schedule this week including a 10 mile tempo run just two days ago. I really felt the cumulative effect during those last four miles today. But, hey, I finished! I maintained my pace, too, despite the hurt. It must have been that second cup...


TDR said...

Hi Etta,
I'm glad you got through that 18 miles - that is quite a distance.

This week I ran 15 kilometers for the first time since the ordeal that was the 2007 Tokyo marathon. The 15km was not so bad. Also this week I got confirmation that I beat the almost 10-to-1 odds and managed to get accepted for next year's marathon. Now I need to really get serious about training!

A. Paige Turner said...

You make me tired (SMILE!)

So excited for your 18 miles - I continue to merely walk on the treadmill 30-45 minutes a day at 3 mph.....but we BOTH get similiar results -- excercise - and the "Good Chemicals" are being released!

You keep run - and I'll keep walking and cheering you on!

Congratulations on this wonderful season you are in!!!!