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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

domain games

I found out tonight that the domain name,, which I thought I owned, and for which I have been paying the last three years, is being used by somebody else. It's not a real big deal, but it is frustrating. I reserved the name when I began this blog. I reserved it, and have been paying to keep it inactive, so that I would own it if I ever wanted to move to my own website (i.e. off of Blogger). How it got into somebody else's hands, I do not know. It was supposed to automatically renew every year. They (the hosting company) have certainly been charging me every year! Now I'm not too smart when it comes to stuff like this, but I thought this was pretty straightforward, and I thought I was doing what I needed to do to keep depression marathon mine. Apparently not.

I suppose I should be honored someone thought enough of my site that they went out and stole the name. But I'm just frustrated. I'd hate to have people think that was my site. I certainly doubt they are making any money off of it! Maybe they hope I'll come begging to buy the name back. Nope. That won't happen either. So it's just an annoyance. And I guess it prohibits me from ever navigating away from, but that probably wasn't going to happen either. Obviously, I don't understand this whole domain system well enough to do that!


Kelly said...

Maybe they thought of it without ever seeing your blog?

And you could still move, maybe to '' or something else like that?

Mohican said...

So you've been hijacked! Sometimes depression makes people think everything happens to them. In your case, that's not just a feeling. :-) I've never seen a blog get so many problems, and for what? Is depression suddenly a hot topic?

Anyway, a google search of domain hijacking will yield several good links. It boils down to the fact that police still aren't very interested in getting involved, even though this usually involves some sort of identity theft. Since you had no real plans to use the domain, I think you are right not to pursue it too actively. But you should definitely contact the people you originally registered with. is registered with and if they were your provider as well they owe you an explanation. If not, your original provider should at least explain how they let it go to someone else, especially if you had auto-payment and auto renewal. can show the history of a domain but it is expensive and I cannot find a free alternative. Besides, whoever took it has hidden behind a privacy shield so you would have to hack that and then try to get your domain back from them. Really not worth the effort. So far they do not have it listed for sale and there isn't even a server set up for it.

So don't sweat it. You should worry more about the Vikes. For this week only I'll be rooting for them so my Bears can lead the division.

Interesting article about prosecuting a domain hijacking

etta said...

Thank you, Mohican--
I was hoping I would hear from you. And yes, StartLogic was my provider as well. Not sure I have the energy to deal with the red tape of finding out how this happened, though. We'll see. It's so annoying. Once again, thanks for your research. I really appreciate it.