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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Personal Best!!

I ran a 3:38:06!
That's an unbelievable personal best! I wasn't expecting that.

Unfortunately, despite sprinting for the finish line, I missed qualifying for The New York City Marathon by 6 measly seconds.

But I did run a personal best!
I'm shocked.
I'm grateful.
I'm happy.


Imperfectly Healing said...


Divas said...

WAY TO GO!!! That's AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Etta, First time to your blog today and it is going to be good for me to read it. But I would like to say, look at what you did! If I were there I would pat you on the back! Hugs, Joyce

Anonymous said...

ps. Also, gosh this time of year is hard on people, and with it getting dark early, this week I am having to take it a minute at a time. Hugs, Joyce

A. Paige Turner said...

Rewind!!!......Those were not measly those 6 wonderful seconds you could see the finish line and you knew you had accomplished something awesome...

There is a reason for everything - I am quite sure God could have pushed 6 seconds out of you if He had needed to (SMILE)!!

Who knows!?! Maybe the day of that marathon you are meant to have a lifechanging experience SOMEWHERE ELSE!

In the meantime - I will celebrate EVERY SINGLE SECOND of your 3:38:06run! GO on with your bad-self!!

Team R.E.D. said...

Congrats on a PR! A great PR! NYC is within reach!