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Diagnosed with depression 17 years ago, I lost the life I once knew, but in the process re-created a better me. I am alive and functional today because of my dog, my treatment team, my sobriety, and my willingness to re-create myself within the confines of this illness. I hate the illness, but I'm grateful for the person I've become and the opportunities I've seized because of it. I hope writing a depression blog will reduce stigma and improve the understanding and treatment of people with mental illness. All original content copyright to me: etta. Enjoy your visit!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lightening up

Well, the precipitous plunge was fast and severe, but it didn't last long. I've already lightened up. In fact, I began feeling more energetic and less hopeless yesterday. Just like the plunge, I seemed to lighten up overnight. Weird. On Monday night I could barely move. Yesterday I was able to do my speed workout without too much difficulty. And today I was able to work, run some errands, and take Puck for a walk. So it seems things are already getting back to normal.

I appreciated all of your comments on my previous post. It was nice to know some of you could relate. I'm still amazed at how fast I fell so low. It was strange. And it was so scary once I dropped. I didn't know how long it would last. I didn't know how low I would go. This time it was short-lived, but next time who knows? It's hard not to think of the worst when the worst is so bad. You know what I mean?

I'm grateful to be feeling better and more energized already. A little blip on the radar--that's all this turned out to be. Here's hoping the radar trends upwards from here on out.


Maggie Beth said...

Just take one blip at a time.. that is all we need to do...

Lauren Alissa Hunter said...

Glad to hear you are doing better!

AdmGln said...

At least it only lasted a day!