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Monday, July 18, 2011

The joy of home ownership

Minnesota Public Radio announced this morning that our humidity level yesterday was as high or higher than the humidity level in the Amazon Rain Forest. That will continue into today, and tomorrow, and the next day. Combine the humidity with our air temperatures, in the mid 90's, and they say it will feel like it's 110 degrees today! And guess what? My air conditioner isn't working. It hasn't worked properly all weekend. Ahhh...the joy of owning a home.

I'm stressed. There is never a good time for things to break, but now? C'mon! It's hot. My dog is panting just lying on the floor. Heck, I'm panting. When I went outside this morning, my glasses fogged up from all the water hanging in the air! Plus, I'm coming off three months without work, secondary to this damn illness, so my financial situation is a bit precarious. Like I said, there's never a good time for things to break.

I did what I could over the weekend. I discovered I could keep my indoor air temp around 82 degrees with the judicious use of shades, fans, closed doors, etc... I felt like I was living in a cave, but it was better than the alternative! I called two different AC guys, both of whom called back this morning. I'm currently waiting for one of them to arrive. Hopefully, the fix will not be too painful.

Over the weekend, I also discovered when I'm stressed, my mood takes a hit. My mood took a hit this weekend. It wasn't a big hit, perhaps because I was aware of where the hit came from. I did what I could to deal with it. I didn't worry. I didn't give the dip more power than it deserved. I recognized it. I acknowledged it, and I tried to let it go. It seems to have worked. This morning, I'm less stressed and my mood has improved. But that was a good lesson to learn. Stress = potential lower mood. Good to know.

Now I wait. The AC will soon be fixed. I do appreciate owning my own home. I know I am fortunate. It isn't always a stress-free proposition, but I'm glad to be here. 


Adam Glenn said...

Good luck with the heat! I've found that sometimes heat can actually make me feel stressed.

Jojesek said...

Hope your AC is fixed soon. This may sound weird but what do you do about walking your dog when it's so hot? I get paranoid that my dog will overheat but he loves his walks so much I hate to skip them.
Knowing where the hit to my mood is coming from makes a huge difference for me. Keeps the "scared of another episode" feelings under control.

etta said...

@Jojesek-- I don't walk Puck when it is this hot and humid. He's having trouble with my indoor temp, and we're much cooler inside, even with faulty AC, than it is outside.
I agree wholeheartedly with your comment regarding the hit to your mood. It is much easier to deal with when there is a "reason" behind it.

Butterfly said...

Its super hot where I live too... 98 degrees this afternoon! I was walking barefoot outside and even the grass was hot! It is supposed to rain tomorrow so maybe that will cool everything off.