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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another good weekend

I spent another weekend away with my new friend, D, at his lake home. We had a great time again. We did pretty much the same stuff as last time. We ate good food, ran together, biked together, saw family--his and mine, went out on the boat, had coffee and conversation, and generally relaxed. It continues to be nice when we are together, and I am really enjoying getting to know him. I think we are both getting comfortable with each other. It was such a nice weekend, I smiled the whole way home.

We both arrived Friday evening. We got up early Saturday to run. D is training for two half marathons, one each of the next two weekends, and my marathon is less than two weeks away. I was hoping to do 12-13 miles, but my left calf cramped around mile 4. I ended up sending D on his way while I walked and slowly jogged back to the car. I made it 8 miles, but my calf is still sore today. I was unable to run my speed workout today and had to swim instead. I think it's just cramped, and I expect it will be better soon. That's my hope anyway.

We spent Saturday night with D's family and some friends. They made a delicious meal and built a big fire in their fire pit near the lake. The weather was perfect and the company was delightful. We sat around the fire and laughed at various comical life stories. It was really fun.

We took my parents out on the boat on Sunday and then had them over for dinner. I got to go waterskiing, which was fun, although I did have a pretty spectacular wipe out! My parents really like D, and he seems very comfortable with them. We had a wonderful grilled salmon dinner. D is actually quite a good cook. I was impressed. I don't enjoy cooking, and I'm not good at it. I'm a hell of a dish washer, though! Anyway, we all ate too much and went to bed happy. It was a nice evening.

Nice, fun, relaxing...Those were the general themes throughout the weekend. I wish D and I weren't so far away from each other, but so far we seem to be making it work. I'm happy.


Kinza said...

I am so happy for you! Enjoy!!!

Melanie said...

It makes me grin from ear to ear to read about how happy you are!

Anonymous said...

aaaawwww Etta! So excited for you!!! Sounds "perfectly paced" to me!

I am so glad you yielded with peace to the getting 'to know you portion' is always easier to tell someone you know really well something really hard.

And it has been MY experience that when they know you really well the "hard" thing turns out to be a ~ "That's all? Why were you so scared to tell me that?"...

But there has the been the very rare ~ "Oh that is nothing! Let me tell you THIS!!!" ~ LOL!!!

I am thrilled you are so happy!! I really like "D" ~ Can we keep him!?!?! ~

Maggie Beth!