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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Damn injury!

I'm only nine days away from my next marathon, and my calf hurts! I'm limping. I thought it was better, so I went for my tempo run this morning. Unfortunately, 3 miles from home my calf began to cramp. I stopped. I stretched. I ran again. It stayed tight, but it didn't get any worse as I made my way home. Well, it's worse now. It hurts.

I'm working on making it better. I've scheduled a massage for later today. I've iced it several times throughout the day, and I may try some ultrasound tomorrow. It still hurts.

I'm getting worried. I have nine days to get this thing right. Of course I want to run the marathon. And unless it gets worse, I probably will. But I'd rather it didn't hurt. If it hurts, running the race will be much less fun. I hope it gets better, and I hope it gets better soon. I'm worried it won't.

I hate being injured!


Anonymous said...

Listen to you body. Just sayin...

Paul Rhodes said...

i hate this when it happens....i love my foam roller (or rolling pin) or calves..worked for me last time?

Kinza said...

Hm, please do not run the marathon if you are not completely healed. It is dangerous to get seriously injured and not be able to run for weeks or months afterwards...

Anonymous said...

I think Kinza is wise!!

Pls. don't make a temporary injury permanent by being stubborn.

That may be harsh but I think you can take that! :)

What does "D" think? :)

Maggie Beth