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Thursday, September 29, 2011


The verdict is in. I will be having surgery on my right knee. As I expected, I have a torn lateral meniscus. The only question remaining is how severely it is torn, and we won't know that until my MD sticks his scope in there and peeks around. So I won't know until after I wake up on October 11th, the day of my surgery, how long my recovery will take. It all depends on what my doctor finds and how much of my meniscus he will have to remove. It could take a few weeks or a few months. Obviously, I'm hoping for the former rather than the latter.

I'm very relieved to finally get moving on this problem. It's been frustrating waiting for my doctor's appointment when I've known for a month what was likely going on. I'm especially fortunate to have such a good relationship with this MD, as his next available surgery appointment was actually in mid-November! Instead, he was kind enough to add me to his schedule on what was supposed to be the last day of his upcoming vacation. He knows how important running is to my overall health and well-being, and we both knew it would be almost impossible for me to wait another 6 weeks for surgery. By scheduling me on October 11th, I may be back to running by mid to late November! I'm very, very grateful my doctor afforded me such an opportunity. 

I'll be spending the next 10-12 days getting ready for surgery. There are pre-op doctor's appointments to be attended, and there is paperwork to be completed. I also have to work out time off with my boss. I don't know what I'm going to do to pay my bills while I'm out, as I haven't yet accrued enough sick time to cover more than 2 or 3 days off. If I don't work, I don't get paid. I'm worried about that. I'm trusting it will all work out. I just don't know how yet. I'll also have to find some volunteers to walk Puck while I'm gimping around. He won't tolerate sitting still for long. My yard may need to be mowed or raked, and I don't know how long I'll be unable to drive. There are a few things to figure out over the next week and a half. Obviously, getting ready for surgery will require more than just getting ready for the surgery.

Nonetheless, I'm grateful to have a diagnosis that is fixable. I'm grateful my MD fit me into his personal schedule. And I'm really grateful to be moving forward rather than standing still. I'm relieved. While having surgery may create some other issues, I don't think any of those issues will be impossible to deal with. One day at a time, I'll deal with them as they arise. In the end, I'll eventually be back to running, and that's what I'm focused on right now.


Kinza said...

Wishing you best possible outcome and speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Your feet may not be able to run right now Etta ~ but your brain sure is!!

All will fall into perfect place. You are an organized planner.

What I find interesting is your friend coming to one of the only races I know of that you had to 'sit out'. Were it not for her attendance you would not be there.

Makes me wonder....sounds like you are supposed to be there (the race)....wonder why......hhhhmmmm

Maggie Beth

Adam said...

Good luck with the surgery and I hope it goes well. Hopefully the recovery time will be short. Just wanted you to know too that your blog inspired me to set a goal of exercise to help overcome my depression. Specifically I set a goal to run a marathon. I never thought I would do that. I wrote about the goal here:

Anonymous said...

Very cool Adam!

etta said...

Way to go, Adam G.! I am humbled to have inspired you so! But glad you've taken on the challenge! When's the marathon?

Adam said...

I have a long ways to go. The marathon is in January 2013... Going to run some 5k, 10k and a half-marathon before that as part of my training...