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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A good weekend

It is nearing the end of the weekend, and the good news is things have gone well. I am with my boyfriend, D, at his house. We've been together for the past two days. We've been busy, and I think that has helped keep my mood in check.

We were especially busy yesterday. I had trouble sleeping overnight, so I was out of bed very early. D awoke several hours later and we took Puck out for some exercise. Did I mention the doctor is now letting me walk/run a little bit? Well, that's what we did for a couple of miles. It wasn't much, but it was certainly better than nothing. It was cold, but the sun was very bright. It was nice to be outside together in the crisp, sunny air.

After our brief encounter with exercise, we went to see the movie, j. edgar. It was excellent. Surprisingly, I was able to stay focused throughout. I'd been having a lot of trouble concentrating and staying focused since my mood tanked. Again, it was nice to spend the time together with D.

Our big event of the weekend happened last evening. I believe I mentioned in my last post that D invited me to his company holiday party? It was a semi-formal affair in a local museum, which we had all to ourselves. Despite my anxiety, it was a very nice event with about 70 people in attendance. I felt honored to be introduced to D's colleagues, and he thought I looked "pretty" in my semi-formal attire. Perhaps I'll post a picture soon.

After the company party, we actually went out to a bar. D's son was having a party in a local establishment, so we dropped in to say hello. There was live music and lots of revelry. It was fun. And I finally got to meet one of D's best friends. He said D speaks highly of me. I felt good about that.

Today brought a little more exercise, brunch at a trendy little restaurant, relaxation and football. We are both football fans so we spent time watching our teams. His won. Mine didn't. It's been a little slower day, which has been nice, too.

I've been able to take time for myself, as needed, over the weekend. D's been respectful of my need to nap, for example. In fact, I just woke up! I've struggled with a little anxiety here and there, but the overwhelming, unremitting sadness has, for now, given me a reprieve. I hope, as I make my way home and back into my routine, the reprieve will last. I think I'll say a little prayer for that.


Sharon Pernes said...

I know from experience how difficult doing all those social things was, but I also know how great you must feel that you went and enjoyed it.
Way to proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Etta, I am SO happy you had a good weekend.

And I am even happier you were honest from the start with "D". And look!! - He is still here....Sounds like he is crushin' on you! (WINK)!

I really like "D" ~ Can we keep him?!

Maggie!! (HUG!)

suzain said...

I hope you enjoy being here I look forward to seeing your posts :)