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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The days before the day

I'm in Boston. Sorry for the delay in updating everyone, but I'm having computer trouble out here. I just got it fixed, I hope. Anyway, my friend Kate and I have been busy little runners since our arrival on Friday. We spent Friday evening at the Boston Marathon Sports and Fitness Expo, which is beyond huge and overwhelming. Think mecca for runners, especially runners with an unlimited supply of money! We sampled runner food and energy drinks until we were a little nauseous, spent a little money on some new gear, and then went out for a fabulous dinner. Nausea or not, I can always eat!

Yesterday, we were total Boston tourists. We spent the day at historic Fanueil Hall watching street performers, eating yummy treats (I told you I can always eat!), and browsing through all the fancy stores. Then, and this is the best part, we went to historic Fenway Park and watched the Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays in a very entertaining baseball game! I hadn't been to Fenway since I lived in Boston more than 15 years ago, and Kate had never been. For a baseball fan, Fenway is a must-see, and we are both baseball fans. We were beat by the time we returned home late last night.

Today, we're going to take it easy. We've been relaxing this morning, drinking coffee and playing with our computers. This afternoon we will travel to Boston's North End to sample some fine Italian cuisine for an early dinner/pre-race meal. I can't wait to eat some real Italian food again. More relaxation will follow this evening; that is, if we can control our nerves.

I am getting a little anxious. Partly I just want to get to the starting line and partly I'm worried about how things will turn out. Unfortunately, the weather is going to be dangerously hot. The current prediction is 88 degrees, and we will be running directly through the middle of the hottest part of the day. The Boston Marathon organizers have even gone so far as to allow people to defer their entry to next year. That's unheard of at tradition-rich Boston. They are also discouraging inexperienced runners from taking the starting line. There is considerable concern around here.

I'm concerned, but I've run hot marathons before, so I will still be on the road tomorrow. I ran through 86 degree heat at Grandma's Marathon just a few years ago. It will be tough, but I'm glad to know what to expect in advance. I'll be ready for it. I've been mentally preparing since Friday when I found out the predicted temps. I plan to adjust my pace down a notch, drink plenty of fluids, run under some sprinklers, and just enjoy the day as much as I can. Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes!


Kelly said...

That strikes me as odd! Don't most marathons start early in the day to avoid the heat? I know of some recently here in Texas, and they sure do! Well, I'm glad you are still confident and ready to go. Have a great time! I look forward to reading about it afterwards.

Kat Speeckaert said...

Good luck and have fun!