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Friday, April 6, 2012

Relative calm

Things are going fairly smoothly. I'm still awaiting a call from a prospective new employer. I know the decision has come down to me and one other person. My inside contact overheard my prospective new boss say she wanted to make a decision by the weekend, but apparently that didn't happen. It bothers me that it's turning out to be such a difficult decision. Obviously, she likes some things about each one of us. Oh well. I'm trying to be patient. I have some other prospects on the horizon if this doesn't work out.

My current job is going okay right now. Things have calmed down around there. It's been a little (just a little) less negative and toxic. But my boss works her last day next week, and they haven't even begun orienting her replacement yet. That's pretty unbelievable since she's going to be supervising us and responsible for the entire department. I think the higher-ups are going to eat her alive. It will be interesting when I get back from Boston. I pray that things go well for all of us.

On another note, my running is going well. I had two good, fast workouts this week, and tomorrow is my last long run (only 10 miles) before Boston. That's pretty exciting. Unfortunately, my left achilles tendon is really, really sore. I'm definitely going to have to rest after Boston in order for it to heal. I'm not looking forward to that. If you've been around here for awhile, you know my mood doesn't respond well to running layoffs.

So the slide that began last week seems to have resolved. It was relatively brief. I think speaking to the students on Tuesday helped. Other than that, I just tried to stick to my routine and said my prayers. I don't know what stopped the slide, and I don't care. It stopped, and right now I'm enjoying some relative calm. Never underestimate the value of relative calm, my friends.


Imogen said...

Interesting post. Employment situations have become a discussion point on my blog recently. Also the way good things and turn bad and the hidden reasons behind that.

Hope you can pop by at:

Wendy Love said...

Oh yes, 'relative calm' is to be embraced for we never know when everything will change.... So glad to here your good report.