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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My next marathon

Surprise, surprise! Despite my vow to rest after Boston and hopefully heal my left achilles tendonitis, I've decided to run another marathon. In fact, my next marathon will be in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, this Sunday! Yep, I'm going to run another marathon just 20 days after Boston.

I actually decided, tentatively, to run this race soon after finishing Boston. After all the training leading up to Boston, I just wasn't satisfied with the run-walk-slog necessitated by Boston's heat. I feel the need to have a better effort under my belt. And that effort will hopefully take place this Sunday, May 6th, beginning at 7:00 AM.

Of course, this could totally backfire and be another slog to the finish line, but if that's the case, so be it. This is a new race. I believe it is only in its third year. It's supposed to be flat and fast, and it doesn't require an overnight stay in a hotel. It will be a small affair, I believe, but I have convinced one of my friends--she also ran Boston--to join me. So I'm going with the intent to run and have fun.

I actually just came in from an easy run. I was supposed to have a job interview today, but it got rescheduled. I'll go on Thursday instead. I was close to quitting my job yesterday, but I didn't. I wouldn't have walked out immediately. That's not my style, nor do I think it is professional behavior. I would have given them 4 weeks notice. I just want my time there to end, but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot either. Since I don't have another steady job lined up, I decided to keep my mouth shut and keep working. It may be just a few more days before I can legitimately (i.e. I have another position waiting) serve notice. I'll try to be patient.


Anonymous said...

Etta you are amazing.

I have been following your blog since December. I am curious how long have you been running? Did it begin in an effort to combat the depression?

I am trying to move through my own illness and am trying to embrace execise but it's a fight, especially with a new medical trial.

Wishing you the best always.

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Etta, I think it's great that you have another marathon planned. I like your intent to "run and have fun."

Good luck with the job interview. I have been where you are--in a job environment that I couldn't bear.

Blessings to you! :-)

etta said...

@ Anonymous--
I've been running for 20+ years. I began in college in order to stay in shape during the off-season of the team sports I played. I ran a few races then, but I didn't really get serious about racing until probably 10-12 years ago. And racing is what keeps me going. I need a goal to shoot at. Without a goal, exercise, for me, is a lot tougher. Good luck to you! Keep at it. It gets easier.

Robin said...

Good luck! I'm running another one after Boston this Sunday as well, with a 7:30 am start. Was watching for the weather though until yesterday when I registered and will pull out if it ends up being too hot. Good luck! Hope you have a great race.