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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The job report

I survived my first day of work yesterday. It was stressful and overwhelming, but I was expecting that. I think it helped to expect it. I certainly wasn't surprised, but I wasn't comfortable either. It's going to take me awhile to get into the swing of things.

I spent much of the day trying to absorb all of the new documentation. The documentation is almost all computerized, which is nice, but they don't use any programs I've previously used. It's going to take a bit to familiarize myself with all of it. Fortunately, I got to do one patient evaluation, so I was able to play around with the documentation at the end of the day. That helped ease my stress slightly. I learn best by getting my hands dirty.

Tomorrow I'll only be there for half the day. I have to attend the human resources orientation at another location in the afternoon. I'm glad it's going to be a shorter day. I can only handle so much of being overwhelmed before my head begins to ache.

Despite the stress of beginning a new position, I am hopeful that this will be a good fit. My colleagues were all pleasant and fun to associate with. The facility's environment, cleanliness, and surroundings are all a step above the facility I just left. And most hopeful of all, everyone I met was polite, welcoming, and supportive. That will certainly be a nice change!

In other news, I am just over one week away from my next marathon challenge. I've had a good week of running thus far, so I'm feeling hopeful about my prospect for success next Saturday. I had a very good 8 mile tempo run today on another gorgeous Minnesota day. If the weather will cooperate on marathon day, I think I should do okay.

Of course, that is the beauty of the marathon. You can only control so much, and you just never know what will happen. All I can do is prepare to the best of my ability and pray for the best outcome. In that respect, it's not much different than embarking on a new job, is it?

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Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Great comparison of preparing for a marathon and for your new job.

I'm glad the first day went well. It sounds like a good start.

I've gotten overwhelmed, too, when I've started a new job. Even though I enjoyed the job, or knew I would enjoy it, a lot of new things at once is hard for me to deal with too. But after a while things settle down and I feel more comfortable.