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Saturday, June 2, 2012

What a difference...

What a difference a few days make. First of all, I'm feeling better. The post-marathon dip seems to have been thwarted. I began feeling better yesterday, and so far today all is well. I've been busy and productive today. I ran a race this morning, mowed my yard, went grocery shopping, and took Puck for a long walk. It's been a gorgeous, good day.

Yesterday I worked my last day at my current job. It was a busy day full of paperwork, but my co-workers surprised me with a cake, a thank you card, and a gift card for the local coffee shop. I wasn't expecting all of that. It was very kind of them to do. Regardless, I am happy to be out of there. I'm looking forward to working in a more positive, supportive environment (I hope).

As I said, this morning I ran a race. It was a difficult, hilly, 10-mile trail race. I was shooting to finish in 90 minutes. Instead I finished in 82! And despite the difficult terrain, I felt great the whole way! It was nothing like my experience in the marathon just 6 days ago. I even ran up all the hills, and I hate hills! It sure was nice to cross the finish line feeling fast and strong.

I'm running my next marathon in just two weeks. It's one of my favorites, Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota. I hope I feel then as well as I felt today. The race today certainly helped my confidence. If the weather cooperates, I feel more hopeful that this next marathon experience will be better!

Tomorrow I work at my occasional weekend physical therapy position. I then have two days off to prepare for my new position. I start next Wednesday. I'm anxious, scared, expectant and hopeful. That's a lot to manage, but I'm going to do my best over the next few days. The textbooks are out. Now I just have to open them! Wish me luck.

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Tina Fariss Barbour said...

So glad you're feeling better! And I'm glad the race went well. I'm so impressed with your running!

Good luck as you begin the new job. It will be nice to have a couple of days off before you start.