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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Decent Half Marathon

Considering I didn't taper. Considering I ran a tough speed workout on Tuesday. And considering I ran an 11 mile tempo run on Thursday, running a 1:45 half marathon today wasn't too bad. What was bad was how difficult it was, and of course, that was totally my fault.

The race was a little smaller than usual, and there were apparently a lot of fast runners running. I took off with the crowd, and I ran my first several miles, especially my first mile, way too fast! That unfortunately put me in early oxygen debt, and it made the rest of the race quite difficult and a little uncomfortable.

Discomfort be damned, I persevered. My legs felt like lead, and I didn't think I could go much further by the time I hit mile eight, but fortunately (or unfortunately) there were a few women of about my age running near me. Did I mention I am slightly competitive? So I pushed myself onward, and I did finish in front of each of them. The results aren't posted yet, so I have no idea if those women were actually in my age group or not, but it was my minniature victory, nonetheless. At least my competitiveness kept me moving when I wanted to stop.

I'm glad I pushed myself. It was painful, but as usual, it only took a few minutes to forget the pain once I crossed the finish line. After that, it was all socializing, commiserating, and fun. It was a good day.


Anonymous said...

That is an amazing finish time!!! Congrats!!! I'm running a half net weekend hope to finish close to 1:56. We shall see :)

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Great job! Glad therer was fun and enjoyment at the end!