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Sunday, October 7, 2012

That's more like it!

It's nice to know training hard pays off. After training hard for 2.5 months for today's Twin Cities Marathon, I was really worried I was going to bonk. But that didn't happen. Instead I ran a very steady, consistently paced, and fairly fast 3:41:54! I believe that is the fourth fastest of my 19 marathons. And I felt good! I felt strong! And I'm really, really pleased with the result.

I actually held myself back for much of the first 20 miles. I didn't want to make my usual mistake of going out too fast and paying dearly for that later in the race. I consistently right around or under my planned 8:35 pace. Around mile 10 I began to feel some fatigue, so I started a mantra of "rest until mile 16" over and over again. I kept my pace consistent and focused on relaxing.

And then when I got to 16 miles, I extended my mantra. "Rest until twenty." There are some fairly good climbs between miles 20 and 22, so at 20 miles, I extended it once again. I relaxed. I ran steady. I felt good. I knew I could give more, but it wasn't until mile 22 that I let it go.

I knew by mile 22 that, unless something dramatic happened, I was going to qualify for Boston. I knew I was going to finish under my 1:45 goal. I knew I was running well. I wonder now if I waited too long. I do think I could have run even faster, as I wasn't totally spent at the finish, but I'm glad I ran a smart race. I'm glad I finished in a time of which I can be proud. And I'm so glad I trained hard. The reward is certainly sweet.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome! I think it sounds like you were very smart about your race and your hard work paid off. So glad for you.

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Congratulations! You have much to be proud of! Enjoy the sweet rewards.

Unknown said...

Congratulations. This is fantastic.

This is a fitting song I believe

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Qualifying for Boston is a huge dream for many, many people including me, something you should be very proud of!!

midnight rainbow said...

very, very cool! Congrats!!