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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Say Hello to Jet

I'm a little overwhelmed. And busy... I picked up my new puppy, 4 month old black lab mix, Jet, on Saturday. He is incredibly cute, and he is all puppy! He's not totally house-trained yet, plus he has a bladder infection, which makes training a little more difficult. When he drinks water, he literally has to go out approximately every 10 minutes, or less, for about an hour afterward. And his need to go out is immediate! He's only had two accidents so far, and both times were when I let him out of my site for just a few seconds! My fault. Considering the infection, and the limited supervision he had in his foster home, he's actually doing quite well.

Jet is extremely playful, which is quite fun, but exhausting. Fortunately, he is kennel-trained, and he can stay alone in his kennel for at least 8 hours without difficulty. He also sleeps in his kennel, through the night, as long as I pick up his water a few hours before bedtime. And he travels silently in the car in his kennel, also very nice! We just finished over an hour of playing, and he's apparently finally tired out, which is why I have this moment to write.

Unfortunately, he has had little to no socialization up to this point. He's fine with a single dog, such as Bill and Cindy's golden retriever, after a bit of warming up, but he viciously growls and barks at every dog at first. He's kind of scary. He also barks just as viciously at strangers at first. He's timid. I think that's where the aggression comes from. It worries me. I took him to work at the nursing home on Monday in order to expose him to many people and even another dog. It worked out okay. I think I'll take him again tomorrow. I absolutely do not want an aggressive, or even aggressive sounding, dog!

We're working on sits and downs. We're working on staying off the furniture. We're playing fetch. As I said, it's fun, it's a little overwhelming, and I'm very busy. I'll keep you updated on the saga!


Anonymous said...

O M G!! He is adorable and sooo super cute!!! I love puppies!! They are a lot ofwork, but also soo cute you can not be upset with them! :) I adopted a 7 year old rescue dog and initially he was very obsessed with me and didn't like other people or dogs. Since I do work long hours and live alone, I brought him once a week to doggy daycare. The first place didn't accept him, but they also didn't take the time to introduce him to the pack. The 2nd daycare did a great job and now he is very social! Even with his older age, he still learned social skills. If you can bring him to a good doggie daycare (not the ones at petsmart) and have them introduce him to a pack, dogs teach each other very quickly! It was the best decision for me and also for my dog!

The Blue Morpho said...

What an incredibly cute puppy! I'm sure he will learn to socialize as you expose him to more dogs and people. It's great that he's kennel trained. I hope he helps ease your grief over the wonderful dog you lost. Pets are such a great joy, and it is amazing how dogs have evolved with humans to be such excellent companions.
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Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Jet is beautiful! I can imagine how much energy he has! You are being very proactive in socializing him, and that will help tremendously. Hope he gets over the infection quickly. Enjoy him!

Erica said...

Such a sweet looking puppy! If I were financially stable and not in class all day, I would definitely get myself a puppy....there's still a hole in my heart from Lady's passing, and though no pet will ever take her spot in my heart, I would really like to have another pet to join her there.

I know that you're worried about honoring Puck's memory, but I think giving your heart and home to a puppy who needed it is the best way to honor Puck. So proud of you for taking that leap! You and Jet will definitely be happy :)

Jacki Daniels said...

He is adorable and I am sure with a little patience and training you will soon get him to except other dogs and people it sounds like he hasn't had it so easy himself if been in foster care so you can't really say what he has been through so just keep doing what you are doing and I am sure with a little time he will be fine and a great companion

Anonymous said...

Light of Life. Great decision.


Unknown said...

Hello Jet! He is gorgeous, & your doing all the right things I'm sure he'll settle down with people & other dogs soon. Good Luck, new pups are hard work!

Look forward to reading more about his adventures
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KC said...

Came across your blog and Wow, Your pup is absolutely adorable. Its gonna take some time for both of you to adjust, but having a pet or pet therapy can definitely help someone with depression or any kind of ailment.